The fear’s been around for a long time, definitely longer than your business has been around.

The fear doesn’t look like any one thing. In fact, it can look like anything.

It’s the fear of change. The fear of ‘IT’ and new, stranger things.

Nothing makes an organization cling to old legacy systems—costly, unsupported, outdated, and inefficient as they are—than the fear that there will be issues adapting, learning, and adopting a brand new software system.

No matter how amazing a new system appears to your organization and your team, no one likes the disruption and stress that comes along with managing an implementation alongside the every day tasks your team need to accomplish. The scenarios in your mind can get downright nightmarish… Maybe you can’t wait until your staff is fully onboard and trained. Maybe you’ll have to start up your new software with critical components missing, still being written and tested. Maybe your huge investment won’t work at all.

But there’s one thing scarier than all of that: A study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting finds that companies now face a digital imperative: Adopt new technologies effectively, or face competitive obsolescence. While there is consensus on the importance of adopting digital technology, most employees find the process complex and slow.

That means, if you’re facing either an upgrade or extinction, you’re going to want Encompass on your side.

Only a few ERP systems in the market incorporate the tools needed from day one so that anyone with the right workbench can get up and running quickly and successfully—and we can implement them for you. Whatever the job function, your new system will come pre-configured with all of the KPIs, reminders, reports, and value-driven dash boards for daily and strategic needs—proven from years of real-world use by thousands of people in similar roles at retail, manufacturing and distribution companies.

Get in contact with Encompass today, and let us put your fears to rest.

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