Rapid EDI Implementation

When it comes to connecting modern businesses, traditional methods of exchange simply can’t keep up. phones, fax machines, post, and even email are simply too slow to ensure seamless data and document exchange between business and their partners or customers. This is where EDI comes in. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a core component of the modern enterprise. With omnichannel integration, you can effectively communicate with external entities efficiently, reliably, and safely. Own the documentation process from end to end and deliver your products and services to the world like never before. It’s not enough to be competitive, you need to take the next step and own EDI in order to connect Epicor to your customers’ systems.

The EDI Integration Process

Encompass provides the software and implementation services for the portion of the EDI process that goes between your Value Added Network (VAN) or mapping partner and your ERP system. We work closely with our VAN and ERP partners on EDI integration and have achieved certification of our Epicor EDI solution on Retail Standard XML (RSX) platforms.

An image that includes the logos of all ERP and software systems that Encompass EDI integrates with.

Solid EDI Integration Methodology

In the past, custom mapping was an essential component of each EDI partner relationship. With a large number of trading partners, a lengthy and costly development process followed.

In order to solve this issue, a retail standard XML format named RSX (Retail Standard XML) was created. A tighter integration layer between VANs and ERP solutions was the result of their development. Benefits of the new standard included eliminating the manual data entry for orders, customer invoices, warehouse shipments, and much more.

Now, You can enjoy the convenience and security of a single channel to your designated VAN, who is tasked with the sorting and separating of all EDI transactions and delivers them to us according to the trading partner.

Encompass then takes that RSX output file from the VAN and converts that to a file that an ERP solution, for instance, Epicor ERP, can read through Epicor Demand Management and Direct Import, which is the preferred process flow for Epicor EDI handling. Outbound documents are kicked off via a BPM (Business Process Management) which uses database calls for high-performance document creation.

an infographic of encompass EDI implementation methodology

An Example Of How The Encompass EDI Product Integrates With An ERP Solution And Value Added Network.

Implementation Process

an info graphic of encompass edi implementation timeline

NOTE: Total implementation time will vary based depending on the VAN and on the total number of trading partners.

Supported EDI Document Types

We support the following document types:

encompass solutions EDI Doc Type 810

810 – Invoice

An electronic version of a paper-based invoice document. Created in response to a Purchase Order (EDI 850).
an image of encompass solutions EDI Doc Type 830

830 – Planning Schedule with Release Capability

Used commonly as a sales forecast. May include shipping information, though solely based on forecasts.
an image of encompass solutions EDI Doc Type 846

846 – Inventory Inquiry / Advice

Used to communicate inventory information between partners.
an image of encompass solutions EDI Doc Type 850

850 – Purchase Order (PO)

Used to place orders for good or services. Provides information you would find on a paper Purchase Order document (item pricing, item quantities, shipping detail, payment terms, etc.).
an image of encompass solutions EDI Doc Type 855

855 – Purchase Order (PO) Acknowledgment

Used to confirm receipt of 850 (Purchase Order). Can include details such as: accept, reject, accept with changes, change or reject one or more lines items for freight charges and terms.
an image of encompass solutions EDI Doc Type 856

856 – Advance Shipment Notification (ASN)

Used to communicate the contents of a shipment to another trading partner. Sent in advance of a shipment arriving at a partner facility.
an image of encompass solutions EDI Doc Type 860

860 – Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated

Used to request the change of a Purchase Order that had already been sent.
an image of encompass solutions EDI Doc Type 940

940 – Warehouse Shipping Order

Provides instructions to the warehouse: what, when, and how much to ship.
an image of encompass solutions EDI Doc Type 945

945 – Warehouse Shipping Advice

Used to notify partner shipment is complete.

Is there a document type you need but don’t see it on this list. No problem! Contact our sales support team to discuss your needs and we can develop a custom-crafted solution to handle your specific document type needs.

About Encompass Solutions

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