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You may be seeking software to meet the needs of an entire operation with a full ERP package; or, you may simply want to address a focused need in the business with a value add product. Either way, the acquisition of software is a challenging task. The considerations to weigh are many, the research is daunting, and the time and effort required can often be measured in months. Are you prepared to evaluate:

  • Functionality to meet operational business needs.
  • Data capture for reporting and informational needs.
  • Technology with robust and stable underpinnings.
  • Complexity affecting time to train and maintain.
  • Flexibility and ability to customize.
  • Scalability that reacts to company growth.
  • The software you seek must be capable of taking your operations into the future, growing with you and meeting the needs unique to your company.

Encompass Solutions can lead the way

There are hundreds of products available that will claim to meet your requirements; sorting through these claims one at a time is time consuming and ineffective. Encompass Solutions can lead the way:

  • Review and refine your requirements definition.
  • Assist with ranking your system technology and functionality priorities.
  • Provide current information on technology and software choices.
  • Compile a "short list" of products that meet your needs and budget.
  • Analyze short list solutions for the best choice.
  • Plan your implementation for success.
  • With Encompass by your side, when would you like to begin?

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