Rapid Development

If you have evaluated your present day ERP solution—both the good and the bad—and you find that it simply must move you forward without a “rip and replace,” how will you address the systematic shortcomings that you are faced with today? Are you challenged with:

  • Aging technology.
  • Lack of system commonality across companies.
  • Lack of flexibility.
  • High support costs.
  • Problems with point-to-point integration.
  • Complex customization projects.

How Encompass Can Help

Encompass Solutions can assist you with rapid development projects, by applying the techniques of goal-focused consulting and deploying a project management methodology adaptable to limited scope projects. With our expertise, you can meet the needs of ongoing system support and refinement. We can help you with any of these solutions:

  • Customizations to existing systems.
  • Developing or enhancing reporting.
  • Adding new functionality and bolt-on systems.
  • Introducing Service Oriented Architecture to your enterprise.
  • Creating, establishing and refining interfaces between or within systems.
  • We can keep your solution flexible in the changing business environment you face each day.

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