Pre Sales Services

Whether you are a software solution provider, a professional services organization, a value-added reseller, or a thriving production facility, pre-sales opportunities can be the difference between failure and success. Encompass Solutions can guide you with:

  • Implementation Planning Meetings: Organizing and planning the strategy for a large-scale information system installation can be overwhelming. Encompass Solutions experts have been on both sides of the table numerous times. We can manage, facilitate and service your implementation planning meetings. You can make the most of the employee time your planning meetings will require. Needs requirements, timelines, key personnel demands—don’t let the opportunities during early implementation meetings slip through the cracks. Encompass will keep the bases covered.

  • Demonstration and Presentation Support: Demonstrations can make or break your business opportunities. But, whether done over the web, by telephone or live, they can be time-consuming, costly and high-pressure situations. Encompass Solutions can provide the technology, the personnel and the experience required to make your demos and live presentations a success. Rely on expert presenters to make your events the best they can be.

  • Telemarketing Strategies: Use the proven experience of ESI professionals to devise and formalize your telemarketing strategies. Investing time and money in a telemarketing campaign that is not well devised will not be rewarding. A well-structured and implemented strategy, developed with the guidance of experienced veterans, can boost sales and product awareness, and bring your business to the next level.

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