The Team

Our mission is to provide a professional services practice skilled in business consulting, project management, and software implementation that offers clients a complete business solution focused on high levels of customer service, industry expertise, and value available to the North American manufacturing industry. Encompass Solutions, Inc. is a privately held company.

The founding partners of Encompass Solutions Inc. are Jim Baggerly and Sonia Haslam. Both principals previously held Regional Director positions with Ross Systems Inc., an ERP software provider, managing departmental personnel, Profit & Loss, and the regional customer base.

Jim Baggerly

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In over 25 years' time, Jim has amassed experience that is both broad and deep. He started out in industrial engineering, putting his skills to work in manufacturing. He established a pattern early on of mastering one discipline and then moving on to tackle the next. Over the years he developed expertise in manufacturing management; materials management; project scheduling; software engineering—and many other areas. Eventually Ross Systems spotted his talent and brought him on board. But Jim knew he’d eventually want to bring his own vision to life, and Encompass Solutions was born.

Sonia Haslam

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Another Ross Systems alumni, Sonia has developed a multifaceted compendium of skills and expertise, acquired in more than a decade of taking on a breathtaking series of new challenges. She began in manufacturing, working on an ERP implementation. From there she became proficient in small business operations, including the development of a standard implementation methodology. As she has grown to take on ever more complex projects—including many for large, multi-national companies—Sonia has (at last count) worked on over 30 implementations in a cross-section of process industries. She is particularly knowledgeable in enterprise-wide integration and the management and support of heavily customized applications.

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