The 12 Steps of Fiscal Year Period Accuracy


Tis the season for the 12 steps of Fiscal year planning for the 12 periods in the fiscal year, to ensure you enjoy the 12 days of Christmas.


at (Financial Management/General Ledger/ Setup/Fiscal Calendar/ Selected Calendar) Latest FY = Current FY+1


Go to the Twelfth Step of Fiscal Year planning


  1. Add a New Fiscal year
  2. Enter End Date
  3. Save
  4. Check Number of periods and closing periods for accuracy (check for period 13 requirements)
  5. Go to Actions. If a Calendar period THEN Generate Periods
  6. Check data accuracy
  7. Generate Periods
  8. Save and Exit ELSE
  9. at (Fiscal Year/Fiscal Period/List tab)
  10. Enter period date ranges needed
  11. Save and Exit
  12. Have a Happy New Year!

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Doing Nothing Costs More Than You Think


Re-implementing new software, or even upgrading a system to the latest version may seem like a risky endeavor to most IT executives – why put a company that is “working fine” under the stress of an upgrade?

Let’s look at the return on investment on moving from a typical legacy system, to a modern system like Epicor ERP 10.

A Forrester Total Economic Impact TM Study showed significant productivity savings in invoicing and sales tax administration, and general accounting productivity increases related to creating, processing, and reporting numerous accounting entries using the Epicor ERP 10 Financials (TEI Case Study).  Epicor’s Supply chain suite provided a 15% reduction in average inventory levels, a reduction in headcount, and avoided future hiring associated with supply chain activities.

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Kaufman Container reduces overhead costs by 30% with Encompass and Epicor ERP

Kaufman Container is a leading packaging sourcing center in the United States. For the past 100 years, the company has provided packaging components, custom and stock molds, package development, quality assurance, and technical support to a wide range of customers and markets. Kaufman’s capabilities are endless, offering a variety of products including glass, plastic, aluminum, and metal containers, tubes, closures dispensing systems, celon bands, and more.

Prior to their Epicor implementation, Kaufman were running several non-integrated systems, and users were having to do each other’s jobs—for example, if inventory was needed for a job and one of the systems stated there was inventory on hand, there was no trust in any system of reference, and the material was manually verified to be there.

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It’s never too late to upgrade! Accutrex jumps 4 versions and takes on newest Epicor ERP 10.1

Accutrex, an award-winning supplier who offers superior quality products coupled with uncompromising attention to detail to the Aerospace, Military and Defense industries, recently upgraded from Vantage 8 to Epicor 10.1, with the help and expertise of Encompass Solutions.

Accutrex have established themselves as a leading source nationally and internationally for custom shims, gaskets, special OD/ID washers, metal stamping, sheet metal fabrications, kits and assemblies to the Aerospace and Military and Defense industries. As an ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR registered company, they are equipped to handle all facets of manufacturing from prototype to production in all types of industries.

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Encompass Solutions, Inc. Recognized by Epicor as Platinum Partner


Greensboro, NC, 25 October 2016 – Encompass Solutions, Inc., has achieved Platinum Partner Status in the Epicor Channel Partner Program. Members are selected by Epicor Software Corporation based on contributions to customers, revenue generated to Epicor as well as other considerations that showcased the partners’ abilities in transforming customers to position them to grow by leveraging Epicor solutions. 

“We are honored to be recognized by Epicor as a Platinum Partner for another consecutive year as we continue to deliver excellence throughout the implementation, technical support, and training of Epicor ERP,” said Sonia Haslam, managing partner, Encompass Solutions, Inc.

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Epicor ERP Provides Big Ass Solutions Equally Large Savings

Big Ass Solutions sure keeps it cool!  This customer of ours has successfully upgraded to Epicor 10, taking advantage of Epicor’s technology advances to support their needs for scalability and efficiency.  We were delighted to assist in their Malaysia implementation and we proudly continue to support them with their IT needs.  Learn more about their success with Epicor Software. Read More!

Complete Implementation


A real hike. I’m not talking about a long walk with a bottle of water, here, I’m talking about carrying thirty pounds of tent, sleeping bag, food, and equipment in a backpack the size of two small children twenty miles up and down mountains.

Whether you have or not, you know that a whole lot of prep happens before a hike: breaking in the boots, getting the pack fitted, paring weighty equipment down to the barest essentials. And if you’ve just finished your ERP implementation project, you’ll certainly feel as though you’ve hiked the Appalachian Trail.

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Epicor 10.1: Adaptive ERP Beyond Manufacturing


In a global marketplace where speed, change, and the demand for innovation are accelerating challenges, the expectations of ERP have changed. ERP is no longer simply about cutting costs, but rather about enabling businesses to grow and take advantage of new opportunities (and avoid unexpected risks) as they emerge.

We at Encompass solutions work with customers in various fields and industries, many of which are in the Pharma sector, Chemicals and Life Sciences.

Several of our Life Sciences customers have successfully shown how Epicor ERP can be used to manage their business. This proves the flexibility of Epicor ERP from a configuration and customization standpoint, and also speaks to the depth of the product. 

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Efficiency in Barcodes

Encompass and Saberlogic partner on many projects aimed at enhancing performance through better utilization of barcode systems. For years the gold standard on the shop floor has been to use dedicated barcode scanners to replace time consuming and error prone manual keyed entry. Unfortunately many mobile applications require the user to verify that they are in the correct field prior to scanning a barcode, and then re-checking after the scan to ensure that the correct data was entered into the correct field. This removes some of the efficiency of the system because it requires the user to be constantly going between the handheld unit and the task that they are performing.

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Save on Credit Card Transactions: An Enhancement to Epicor


We have developed a solution as an enhancement to the base credit card processing module that Epicor provides. We replace a DLL (dynamically linked library) with an updated one that looks for events involving capturing of funds or sales (where it is an authorization and capture all in one).

When we receive that event we query the Epicor database for additional information (level 3 details which includes everything for level 2) and add that to the request. The nice thing about credit card processors is they will only use the amount of information they need, so if it is a consumer credit card it will simply discard the additional data. But for B2B customers it will automatically select the right level and provide those cost savings.

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