Encompass Solutions, End of Year 2017 highlights

Encompass Team retreat – Asheville NC

Our company retreats are as unique as the people on our team.  Hailing from all over the globe, when our team meets up for a company retreat, you know some amazing and exciting things will happen! This past May, our team met just outside of Asheville, NC for our bi-annual team retreat. This year’s retreat was as intense, educational, and fun as every retreat is, and we can hardly wait until the next one!

Customer Appreciation Reception at Epicor Insights 2017

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Silicon Review Names Encompass as One of 50 Best Workplaces for 2017

Encompass, Inc. is honored to announce our selection by the Silicon Review as one of the 50 Best Workplaces for 2017.

The Silicon Review has noted that our “dynamic and deeply experienced organization” is well-suited to “provid(ing) expertise in ERP and business application systems.” Our employee-centric firm gives workers an open forum for discussion because their input is valuable and constructive to the business as a whole. We invest in the professional advancement of each employee as well as foster a positive workplace community to build the trust and communication necessary to function at the high level we do.

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Epicor Insights Brings Encompass and Siemens Manufacturing Together

There is a common similarity in name and industry to the German conglomerate Siemens, but Siemens Manufacturing is a great company of its own, based in St Louis. In 1963, Siemens Manufacturing Company was founded by John and Jim Siemens to manufacture custom control and test equipment for industrial customers. Today, their team of nearly 200 employees maintains a commitment to advanced technology, innovative product manufacturing and delivering high quality solutions to customers.

Siemens continues to experience tremendous growth, having out grown an older and no longer supported information system, they started looking for a fully integrated ERP solution with overall newer technology and capabilities to include stronger manufacturing, production, inventory, user friendliness and overall ERP. 

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Security of Cloud Services

‘The Cloud’ is more than just a buzzword these days, it’s an important tool for many companies. Yet like most emerging technologies, there’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding–some of it valid, some of it exaggeration.

Adopting the Cloud can be a scary prospect–‘Storing files on the Cloud,’ basically means ‘Storing files on someone else’s computer’–but this infographic by the New Jersey Institute of Technology offers the facts about Cloud Computing and Security. Check it out here.

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Encompass Solutions Honored as Epicor Platinum Partner

Encompass Solutions, Inc. has won the Platinum Partner recognition in the Annual Partner Program Awards.

Recipients were selected by Epicor Software Corporation based on contributions to customers, revenue generated to Epicor as well as other considerations that showcased the partners’ abilities in transforming customers to position them to grow by leveraging Epicor solutions.

“We are honored to be recognized by Epicor as Platinum Partner for another consecutive year as we continue to deliver excellence throughout the implementation, custom solutions, and training of Epicor ERP,” said Sonia Haslam, managing partner, Encompass Solutions, Inc. Encompass is also proud to integrate value add products and offer e-business capabilities for specific projects.

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Shedding Light With Sunlight Supply

Are you ready for a peek under the hood? One of the most powerful factors of the ERP systems we install are customized solutions working hand-in-hand with preexisting tools tailor-made for specific industries. Let’s take a look how we helped one of our clients further refine their process and increase their efficiency with two solutions.

Sunlight Supply, Inc., headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, manufactures and distributes gardening supplies. Sunlight implemented Epicor in 2011 and migrated to 10.1 last year, and they have over 150 users.

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Encompass Solutions and National Tube Supply

As the new year begins for National Tube Supply, they get to look forward to their first full year of their brand new Epicor 10 system. It’s been a long haul for them, and us, taking nearly three years to implement after switching halfway through the installation process from Epicor 9.

The ribbon was cut on the new system on November 27, 2016, and NTS was able to start shipping and invoicing on the second day. There was only minor clean up and a few hiccups related to the customization to their system, but after three years of creation, tuning, fine tuning, and even writing their own staff user manuals, NTS hit the ground running.

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It’s never too late to upgrade! Accutrex jumps 4 versions and takes on newest Epicor ERP 10.1

Accutrex, an award-winning supplier who offers superior quality products coupled with uncompromising attention to detail to the Aerospace, Military and Defense industries, recently upgraded from Vantage 8 to Epicor 10.1, with the help and expertise of Encompass Solutions.

Accutrex have established themselves as a leading source nationally and internationally for custom shims, gaskets, special OD/ID washers, metal stamping, sheet metal fabrications, kits and assemblies to the Aerospace and Military and Defense industries. As an ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR registered company, they are equipped to handle all facets of manufacturing from prototype to production in all types of industries.

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A Day in the Life of an ERP Consultant

It’s 6:47 AM. The hotel shower doesn’t always wake you up all the way so I started the coffee maker going before I was even fully dressed. The warm plastic smell rising from the maker as the hot coffee winds around inside of it reminds me of that one injection molding company I was at last year. That was an impressive operation. They had good coffee too.

I pour myself a cup and open up the computer. Technically, the day began about thirty minutes ago, but everything starts now with the morning deluge of emails. I’m totally awake now. There’s plenty for me to respond to, but I flag those requests for follow-up later: I’m on site today, and that is what I’ve got to focus on.

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