What Are You Afraid Of?

The fear’s been around for a long time, definitely longer than your business has been around.

The fear doesn’t look like any one thing. In fact, it can look like anything.

It’s the fear of change. The fear of ‘IT’ and new, stranger things.

Nothing makes an organization cling to old legacy systems—costly, unsupported, outdated, and inefficient as they are—than the fear that there will be issues adapting, learning, and adopting a brand new software system.

No matter how amazing a new system appears to your organization and your team, no one likes the disruption and stress that comes along with managing an implementation alongside the every day tasks your team need to accomplish. The scenarios in your mind can get downright nightmarish… Maybe you can’t wait until your staff is fully onboard and trained. Maybe you’ll have to start up your new software with critical components missing, still being written and tested. Maybe your huge investment won’t work at all.

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Encompass Solutions, Inc. Recognized by Epicor as Platinum Partner


Greensboro, NC, 25 October 2016 – Encompass Solutions, Inc., has achieved Platinum Partner Status in the Epicor Channel Partner Program. Members are selected by Epicor Software Corporation based on contributions to customers, revenue generated to Epicor as well as other considerations that showcased the partners’ abilities in transforming customers to position them to grow by leveraging Epicor solutions. 

“We are honored to be recognized by Epicor as a Platinum Partner for another consecutive year as we continue to deliver excellence throughout the implementation, technical support, and training of Epicor ERP,” said Sonia Haslam, managing partner, Encompass Solutions, Inc.

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Get Collaborative. Get Social.


ERP has been around for almost as long as the internet, pagers and bag phones helping businesses standardize processes, increase efficiency and sales through access to data. Epicor ERP has been able to keep pace with the changing needs of businesses (that bag phone was a little clunky) and has incorporated social business functionality reflecting the way employees are incorporating technology into their personal lives. According to Nick Castellina of Aberdeen Group “organizations that have implemented social ERP saw over twice the improvement in profit margins over the past two years of organizations that have not implemented social ERP.”

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Do Everything – Working with a Provider

Illustration of Busy Business People Meeting

Do Everything

This sounds ridiculous on the surface yet most of us are guilty of attempting to do it all on a daily basis. When it comes to work, it is easy to become distracted by the things that are not the focus of the thing we make or the service we provide whether it is accounting, marketing, facilities management, human resources, technology or a hundred other things. On occasion we all have an epiphany and realize we would be better off letting those who are experts do what they do best. Not only does it take the burden off of you to learn how to do yet another job, it allows you to focus on what you do best and the contractor will typically execute quicker, more efficiently and cost effectively than you could have. In addition experts can see the future (except for Beck winning a Grammy. Nobody saw that coming – especially not Kanye), avoiding pitfalls and putting a system or process in place that allows for growth so that you can maximize your investment in the areas that fall outside of your expertise but are need for growth. Below is an outline that will help you determine if you need to work with an ERP provider and how to get the most out of your vendor, specifically your certified Epicor Platinum Partner provider ; )

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What’s Underneath That Pretty Blanket of Snow?


This winter has delivered much snow to practically every state including recent snowfall in North Carolina where our headquarters are located. I love the way the snow looks when it has first fallen covering streets, cars, yards and buildings with a sparkling white blanket, covering up all imperfections making practically any landscape a picturesque winter scene. As we all know eventually the blanket melts and returns us to the reality of our environment. In business the beautiful snow blanket takes the form of apathy, resistance to change, misunderstanding or even a simple lack of expertise or knowledge. This blanket is a natural occurrence for most businesses and is even to be expected, but every once in a while you need to break out the shovel and dig down to the real issues and fix them before they become worse. As experts in ERP consulting and support we offer assessments and solutions for your ERP. Our assessment findings can get under that pretty blanket that has covered up problems and inefficiencies and bring them to light so they may be uncovered and a strategy put in place to solve them.

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Customer Pudding


We are proud to present our new website which explains very thoroughly what we do and who we serve as Enterprise Resource Solution Consultants. However we are even more proud of the work we do for our clients and their satisfaction with our ERP solutions. For this reason we have prominently shared testimonials from various clients across many industry types on our homepage. These testimonials are real world examples of how we have implemented ERP Solutions such as Epicor and how that has made a difference for our customers in terms of increased efficiency, increased profits, accessibility across many locations and platforms, accounting, inventory, new modules and general satisfaction. As they say “the proof is in the pudding.”

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