Adding Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to Your ERP

I’ve always been passionate about bringing new technology to companies to help them be more competitive. An exciting emerging technology that’s got the IT/IS crowd buzzing right now is using machine learning to allow for smarter data analyzation. Companies spend a significant amount of money generating data compared to analyzing it. With the technology Bezlio is built on, we allow companies to take emerging technology as it becomes available and leverage it regardless of the back-end system.

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Saving on Credit Card Transactions: An Update

Are you saving on credit card transactions? If you are, great! Read on, because PayPal has upgraded the protocols used to secure all external connections made to their systems, and you may need to update your system as well.

And if you’re not saving on credit card transactions, why not? First, read our blog post on how we are able to help you do this. Second, come on back here and learn about this important update.

As we said before: as of June 30, 2017, PayPal is upgrading the protocols used to secure all external connections made to their systems. Transport Layer Security version 1.2 (TLS 1.2) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol version 1.1 (HTTP/1.1) will become mandatory for communication with PayPal. Given these changes, it is necessary to apply a patch to the Authorization Service Lite (ASL) component used by the PayPal integration with Vantage/Epicor ERP.

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Efficiency in Barcodes

Encompass and Saberlogic partner on many projects aimed at enhancing performance through better utilization of barcode systems. For years the gold standard on the shop floor has been to use dedicated barcode scanners to replace time consuming and error prone manual keyed entry. Unfortunately many mobile applications require the user to verify that they are in the correct field prior to scanning a barcode, and then re-checking after the scan to ensure that the correct data was entered into the correct field. This removes some of the efficiency of the system because it requires the user to be constantly going between the handheld unit and the task that they are performing.

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Save on Credit Card Transactions: An Enhancement to Epicor


We have developed a solution as an enhancement to the base credit card processing module that Epicor provides. We replace a DLL (dynamically linked library) with an updated one that looks for events involving capturing of funds or sales (where it is an authorization and capture all in one).

When we receive that event we query the Epicor database for additional information (level 3 details which includes everything for level 2) and add that to the request. The nice thing about credit card processors is they will only use the amount of information they need, so if it is a consumer credit card it will simply discard the additional data. But for B2B customers it will automatically select the right level and provide those cost savings.

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